Insulation Contractors in Tallahassee, FL

For those homeowners and business owners living and working in Tallahassee, FL, it is important that they keep their utility bills under control, especially when it comes to air conditioning. If the home or business facility has noticeable air leaks or drafts, it becomes difficult for the HVAC system to maintain a consistent temperature without having to work overtime. When an air conditioning system has to run constantly to maintain a certain temperature, that can easily drive up the cost of utility bills all year round.

One of the best ways to combat these air leaks is by sealing them up and ensuring the building envelope is secure. At Efficiency Plus in Tallahassee, FL, our experienced insulation contractors are here to make sure your home or business runs as efficiently as possible and your utility bills do not rise out of control through effective installation of insulation in your existing structure or new construction.

Spray Foam Insulation

Who We Are

The insulation team at Efficiency Plus is widely considered the insulation experts for South Georgia and North Florida. We have an exceptional staff of SPFA trained professionals, and we are capable of installing residential and commercial:

  • Spray foam insulation
  • Fiberglass blown and batt
  • Cellulose insulation

Our Tallahassee, Florida, team will also perform attic vacuuming to remove old materials that are no longer needed for your home or business.

Insulation contractors such as ours at Efficiency Plus have access to the highest quality insulating material as well as the necessary knowledge and skills to install your home’s wall, crawl space, or attic insulation easily and efficiently. Additionally, there are a variety of different types of insulation that can be installed in your home, but they each have their own particular advantages and requirements. Our expert insulation contractors in Thomasville will be able to determine the insulation needs of your home and help you decide which of the types best suits your home and the space that will be filled.

What We Do in Tallahassee, Florida

Through our expert installation of the top forms of insulation, especially spray foam insulation, Efficiency Plus has been able to help over 4000 customers in South Georgia and North Florida since 2001 save money and gain control of their utility bills.

When you contact our Tallahassee insulation contractors, we are happy to evaluate your home or business’ insulation situation and provide you with the best solution to save you money. When it comes to spray foam insulation or any of the other types of insulation that we can provide for you in Tallahassee, FL, we will always recommend the type that best suits your needs and helps you gain control of runaway utility bills as well. Do not let your Tallahassee, Florida, home or business cost you money through air leaks! Efficiency Plus has you covered.

Spray Foam Insulation Installation

When you need to seal walls, floors, ceiling cavities, and other open spaces against movement of air within a home or commercial business, spray foam insulation is widely considered to be the best type of insulation available. One of the best aspects of spray foam insulation is that it never loses its shape, compresses, sags, or settles over time.

Wherever there is an opening, it can be installed, and you can rest assured that it will continue to do its job for years into the future. Spray foam insulation can fill in the cracks, gaps, and crevices that exist so that your home is fully protected from excess air, moisture, dust particles, and bugs.

Fiberglass Blown and Batt Installation

One of the most commonly used insulation types is fiberglass insulation, and it is available in two forms: blown and batt. Batt fiberglass insulation comes in pre-cut panels that are installed in locations which are usually free from wiring or pipes. It is especially good in new construction and resembles a type of thermal blanket.

The other type of fiberglass insulation is blown-in or loose-fill. It is installed using a blowing machine, and is highly recommended for spaces such as attics to provide more superior energy efficiency. If you are interested in fiberglass insulation for your home or business, contact Efficiency Plus and our insulation contractors can assess your space and let you know which option is best for you.

Cellulose Insulation Installation

A more traditional insulation type is cellulose insulation. It became popular in the 1950s but is still used today for enclosed existing walls, open new walls, and unfinished attic floors. Modern cellulose insulation is made from 75-85% recycled newspaper or denim that has been heavily treated (about 15% by volume) with boric acid, borax, or ammonium sulfate. These chemicals are used primarily as flame retardants and to reduce any pest issues.

Cellulose is fairly inexpensive, more eco-friendly than most other types of insulation, and can be blown into the nooks and crannies of most open spaces even by the home or business owner. It does have a pretty significant settling rate and must be kept dry to ensure the efficacy of the insulation. At Efficiency Plus, our Tallahassee, Florida, insulation contractors are happy to discuss cellulose insulation as an option for your home or business and let you know if it is right for you.

Contact Our Tallahassee, FL, Insulation Contractors

If you are a house or business owner looking for an experienced insulation contractor in the Tallahassee area for an insulation project in your crawl space, attic, or other location on your residential or commercial property, contact the local pros at Efficiency Plus in Tallahassee, FL, to request a quote for our spray foam insulation services. We want you to compare quotes with our competitors so that you can see our insulation contractors can provide you the best services for an affordable price.

Our Tallahassee, FL, insulation contractors have the experience, skills, and knowledge to effectively and efficiently install your house or business’ insulation and get your utility bills back in order. We are proud to be serving residents and businesses in or near the Tallahassee area who have insulation projects and need qualified professionals to complete the job. Contact us today to discuss your insulation needs and to find out how the expertise of our insulation company can help you.

There is no reason to deal with high utility bills that stem from leaking air throughout the property. With spray foam insulation, you will be more energy efficient, save money, and prevent other unwanted particles and bugs from entering your home as well. Call Efficiency Plus to find out more about all of our insulation services.