Cellulose Insulation

Stabilized Cellulose Insulation forms a structural conforming seamless blanket when installed properly to significantly reduce the flow of heat and cold and virtually eliminate air infiltration.  

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper fibers and is treated for fire resistance. The borate additive helps to deter pests. With a self-contained dry adhesive, it is designed to be damp sprayed into and completely fill and insulate walls and attic voids.  

In tests at Oak Ridge Labs, cellulose insulation was proven to require less volume of product to attain equal Rvalues per inch when compared to fiberglass insulation. 

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation in Thomasville, GA

When it comes to conditioning your Thomasville, GA home and making it energy-efficient, cellulose insulation is a vital piece of the puzzle. Blown-in cellulose insulation provides effective thermal efficiency and has air insulation and sound blocking properties, like fiberglass blown insulation. Efficiency Plus provides cellulose insulation services to both residential and commercial clients. If your existing insulation isn’t working for you, you can replace it with effective cellulose insulation. You truly get what you pay for with professional cellulose insulation from Efficiency Plus. Your Thomasville, GA, home becomes comfortable and energy-efficient all year round.

Our insulation company has been serving Thomasville and the surrounding areas in Georgia for over 10 years, providing professional insulation services and proven products. We can insulate your attic, garage, and the walls of your family home, apartment, storage units, retail spaces, and any facility that requires insulation. With our effective spray foam insulation, you can improve home comfort and save money. Contact Efficiency Plus today for all your insulation needs in Thomasville, GA.

What is Cellulose Insulation?

Stabilized cellulose insulation is a popular insulation material in Thomasville, GA. It is made from recycled paper fiber and treated for fire resistance. The fabric contains a borate additive that helps to deter pests. With a self-contained dry adhesive, blown-in insulation covers walls and fills attic voids in a building. Unlike fiberglass and other materials, cellulose insulation has been shown to require less volume of the product to attain equal R-values per inch. Cellulose fiber is both environmentally sustainable and effective at keeping your home cool. The R-value of cellulose insulation usually varies depending on the thickness of the wall space that needs insulation.

Benefits of Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is an excellent product that can offer many benefits to your Thomasville, GA, home. In addition to helping decrease your energy bills, bow-in cellulose insulation and spray foam offer these advantages:

Environmentally friendly: Nearly 80% of the fiberglass blow material used in cellulose insulation is made of old newspapers or other plant-based fibers. It is a fantastic option for environmentally conscious property owners in Atlanta who want to reduce the paper that ends in landfills.

Added fire, sound, and fire protection: Cellulose insulation can withstand fire and resist rodents, insects, and mold, protecting your home from structural damage. Dense cellulose fiber creates an effective sound and airflow barrier, reducing noise infiltration in your Atlanta property.

Durable: Unlike fiberglass batt, cellulose insulation is denser and less likely to disintegrate over time. Your investment in cellulose material can pay off over its lifetime!

Cooling and heating efficiency: Cellulose insulation can increase the operational efficiency of your HVAC system, making your home’s interior more comfortable. It’s likely your air conditioner won’t run as much during the winter or summer months.

Professional Cellulose Insulation Services in Thomasville, GA

If you want to insulate your Thomasville, GA, home using cellulose, the experts at Efficiency Plus can help you with your project. We can inspect your home and tell you where you need to insulate and how much insulation is required for your crawl space, attic or new construction.

Attic insulation

We can evaluate your current attic insulation levels and recommend the right type and amount of extra insulation. Have a few questions for us? Call our insulation to find quick, satisfactory answers.

Wall insulation

Cellulose insulations over your walls can reduce cold winter drafts and make hot rooms cooler in summer while keeping heating and cooling costs down. We can install insulation during home construction and existing interior or exterior walls.

Spray foam insulation (ceiling)

Loose cellulose insulation is an effective thermal barrier between your living spaces and attic for fire resistance and sound blocking. We often use this material for ceiling and hard-to-reach areas to be insulated.

Insulation removal

If your older home or business in Thomasville, GA has ineffective, dusty, or moldy insulation, we can remove the material and fill the gaps. We will use newer and more efficient cellulose insulation. Your home will stay warm and comfortable, 365 days.

How we install cellulose insulation

At Efficiency Plus, we can transform your cold home into a haven of comfort and tranquility. We’ll start by conducting a personalized, on-site insulation evaluation of your home. It helps our team determine your insulation needs and identify issues such as holes, leaks, and breaches in existing insulation.

If the old insulation is ineffective, we can remove it and add more insulation. Our installers will blow a thick layer of cellulose insulation in your walls, voids, and attic trusses. We can provide photo documentation of insulation damage for your insurance claims. After installing the insulation material, we will clean up the area, and no mess is left behind! Our crew can work with your schedule and deliver professional work fast.

Insulation Contractor in Thomasville

When the time comes to insulate your residential or commercial property in Thomasville, GA, you can count on Efficiency Plus to provide prompt and superior installation services. We provide turnkey insulation services to homeowners, remodelers, and construction firms and can complete insulation projects of various sizes. What is more, we can guide you through every step from determining the volume of insulation material to completing the actual insulation. Our team will complete your home insulation projects – complete insulation installation and any repair – within the agreed time and budget.

Efficiency Plus has built a reputation based on expertise and experience like all reputable insulation contractors in Thomasville. That’s why we can consistently offer high-quality insulation services to our customers. We use only the highest quality cellulose fibers on attics to ensure that our residential and commercial customers attain the greatest savings on their utility bills for years to come. Take advantage of our free home insulation assessments and start saving money.

Want to install attic insulation or replace existing insulation? Get in touch with us today

Efficiency Plus can help insulate your property’s wall and attic with cellulose insulation to reduce your summer cooling costs and winter heating bills. We can use it to insulate your entire home or the crawl space. We provide swift and efficient service than most contractors in Thomasville, GA. Our installers can do a quick, neat job, whether installing new wall insulation or adding more insulation to your attic. Call us at 229-403-9486 to request a free estimate or find out whether cellulose insulation is the right choice for your Thomasville, GA home or structure.