Insulation for Crawl Spaces and Basements in Thomasville, GA

Rectangular-shaped holes that penetrate oval or round vents from the crawl space of your home is a common and burdening situation for homeowners, even if you have batt insulation installed. Since batt insulation is unable to create a vapor/air barrier, it cannot contain contaminated, warm, or cold air, from entering your home through the crawl space.

The living space of your home can be infiltrated with mold, earth gases, rodents and other allergens if your crawl space is not properly sealed.

The only material that can achieve a full seal is spray foam insulation. In order to accomplish an effective thermal barrier from obstructions like ductwork, plumbing, wide/narrow joist spacing, spray foam insulation must be applied between the floor joists of your crawl space.

Due to the use of wire insulation hangers,fi berglass insulation can often becompressed when it is applied. Insulatingopen web fl oor trusses properly withfi berglass is nearly impossible since aircan move inside the fi berglass. This isbecause open web fl oor trusses cangenerate pathways of air.

Crawl Space Insulation

Mold, condensation, and a decaying fl oorsystem are all generated during the summer, when warm and humid air fl ows aroundthe fi berglass insulation.

A proper and eff ective barrier for vapor infi ltration between the ground and homessubfl oor surface is closed-cell spray foam insulation. Closed-cell spray foam stops anyvapor or air from moving into the home’s walls or attic space, eliminating any problemsthat could be caused by the “stack eff ect.”

Floor insulation problems are reduced, since spray foam completely fi lls open spacesand voids. Spray foam, unlike fi berglass, fi lls the open webs of full trusses completely,and creates a complete and uniform thermal barrier on the fl oor, as it also fi lls all areasaround the wiring and plumbing.

Overcoming several disadvantages that other insulation products can bring to the table,spray foam insulation is the superior product when it comes to insulating your crawlspace.

A more consistent and uniform thermal barrier that contains air fl ow/stack eff ectretarding functions is produced with the application of spray foam.

Crawl space insulation has a much bigger impact on a home’s energy effi ciency thanmost people realize. Unlike a basement, that has both headroom and fairly easy access,a typical crawl space can be diffi cult to get into.

This is the main reason why crawl space insulation is often overlooked when people areaiming to improve energy effi ciency and reduce heating and cooling problems.Insulating a crawl space with spray polyurethane foam can be benefi cial for residentialand commercial structures. On top of superlative insulation, spray foam creates an airbarrier and moisture barrier for all leakage and infi ltration coming in through thestructure’s band joists

Properly Insulating and Sealing Your Crawl Space

Crawlspaces can be insulated two ways: insulating the ceiling for a vented crawlspace orinsulating the walls for an unvented crawlspace. Spray foam insulation can be eff ectivelyutilized in both ways to help address common problems associated with uninsulated orpoorly insulated crawlspaces.

A properly insulated and sealed crawl space is one of the fundamental elements of acomfortable, healthy home. Crawl spaces have long been insulated with fi berglass batt insulation, but modern building science reveals the downsides of that practice. Ideally,crawl spaces should prevent air from infi ltrating a home, so as to reduce drafts andimprove air quality. Spray foam insulation can provide a more uniform, consistentthermal barrier as well as provide an air and moisture barrier.

Problems with Fiberglass

Fiberglass batt insulation cannot control or prevent the movement of air or moisturebecause it is a porous material. So even if your crawl space is supposedly properlyinsulated with batts, they will not prevent air from leaking out of or infi ltrating the livingspace of your home. If the crawl space in your home is not fully sealed, there is a stronglikelihood that airborne contaminants, mold, rodents, and more can enter your livingspace.

Batt insulation is often compressed during installation due to the use of wire insulationhangers. Open web fl oor trusses create additional problems such that they createpathways for air to move around the batts. During the summer, warm and humid aircan fl ow around the batts and create condensation, mold and decay problems in thefl oor system. Open web fl oor trusses are virtually impossible to adequately insulate andseal with batt insulation.

The Spray Foam Solution

Spray foam insulation in the crawl space is a superior insulation product that overcomesseveral disadvantages of other insulation products. Spray foam circumvents typicalinsulation problems through its ability to completely fi ll voids and open spaces, resultingin a complete, essentially uniform thermal barrier.

Spray foam insulation installed between your fl oor joists in your crawl space is the onlymaterial that will create an eff ective thermal barrier from penetrations like wiring,plumbing, ductwork, and imperfect joist spacing. Closed-cell spray foam will also serveas an eff ective moisture barrier between the ground and a home’s subfl oor surface.Controlling the presence of moisture in a home is critical to preventing the potential formold growth.

Crawl Space Insulation in Thomasville, GA

Crawl space. Source: iStock

Insulating the crawl space beneath your house in Thomasville, GA, or the surrounding areas can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. But unless crawl space insulation is done right the first time, even the most efficient material won’t provide you the protection your crawl space needs to see real savings. Cleaning your crawl space and adding a moisture barrier plus adequate insulation can improve indoor air quality, discourage mold growth, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and ultimately help you save money.

You can trust the crawl space repair experts at Efficiency Plus to take care of all your residential insulation needs at your project location. We use foam-based insulation that provides lasting thermal protection to your crawl space. For your peace of mind, we also back our installations with a 1-year warranty, so you know your investment is well protected.


Our crawl space insulation process

At Efficiency Plus, we follow a three-step process to solve your crawl space insulation problems. We do more than winterize your crawl space pipes. We seal and winterize the entire crawl space area, bringing your plumbing and HVAC system inside your home’s conditioned space while keeping to mold, termites, and pests. Once a waterproofing contractor does crawl space repair, we can come in to do the insulation. A typical home project goes like this:

We start by air sealing and insulating the rim joist. The reason is a lot of heat escapes through rim joists that rest on your crawl space foundation. We stop cold air from leaking through by sealing gaps around your foundation’s perimeter then use foam insulation to reduce heat loss. Next, our crawl space experts will insulate the crawl space walls with rigid foam. They will remove the old, damaged insulation and install high-performance insulation. Better than fiberglass, our water-resistant solution stops air leaks and never loses R-value.

Once we seal the walls, we will insulate and seal the crawl space floor with spray foam insulation to achieve a full seal. We then finish off by covering the flexible insulation with a crawl space liner. This completes the sealing process. With crawl space encapsulation in place, the below-grade area is now isolated from outside conditions and pests. High humidity and standing water will no longer be a problem for you.

If your crawl space is vented, uninsulated, or has inadequate insulation, Efficiency Plus can solve your crawl space insulation needs. We can provide you with crawl space encapsulation services to ensure your crawl space is protected against moisture, pests, termites, and pollutants from the outside. Call us to discuss your insulation project today.

Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation for Thomasville, GA Homes

Like attic insulation, the benefits of insulating your crawl space are many and long-lasting. Crawl space insulation can make your home energy-efficient and comfortable and keep destructive pests and mold at bay. Here are compelling reasons to insulate your crawl space:

Better Structural Integrity

When you have a damp crawl space, you’re undermining your crawl space foundation. Mold and mildew can grow and compromise the strength and structural integrity of wooden supports. Moisture and groundwater could warp your floors. Insulating and sealing the crawl space prevents moisture from building up inside the crawl space and causing structural issues down the line. It also keeps out rodents and termites that can chew your wooden supports, carpets and make indoor living unbearable.

Increased Energy Savings

Crawl space insulation has a much bigger impact on a home’s energy efficiency than most homeowners realize. Adding insulation and vapor barriers to your crawl space as part of air sealing and insulation can reduce energy costs by up to 30%. Without insulation, heat and cool air easily escape through the floor. You can enjoy greater energy savings and notice a difference right away when you pair it with crawl space encapsulation.

Fewer Pests and Mold

Mold and pests thrive in damp and warm conditions. As long as your crawl space stays exposed and uninsulated, mold/mildew, termites, and pests can infest the below-grade area and wreak havoc anytime. They can quickly spread and cause many problems, from wood damage to diseases. Once you update the insulation in your crawl space, you’ll notice a significant reduction in pests, especially during hot and cold months, and mold will cease.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor pollution seems to be more of an issue for Thomasville, GA owners than indoor air pollution. From the limited flow of fresh air to contaminated indoor to off-gassing from finishes, homes usually have worse indoor quality than the outside. Replacing defective, existing insulation with a new insulation system can improve indoor air quality. You’ll have an easier time keeping out allergens and irritants. When insulation is combined with a residential ventilation system, the air inside your home will be more cleaner.

Longer-lasting HVAC Systems

Residential heating and cooling systems can break down prematurely when they have to work twice as hard to regulate the indoor conditions. With added insulation in your crawl space, your HVAC system (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) will function optimally. Warm or cold air won’t escape. Your crawl space system, together with your home’s insulation in Thomasville, Georgia will reduce outside air infiltration, which can allow your heating and cooling system to function better in the long term.


a properly insulated crawl space

Why Choose Efficiency Plus Insulation Services?

At Efficiency Plus, the best insulation contractors in Thomasville GA, we have over a decade of experience in the attic and crawl space and attic insulation. We’re familiar with the area’s climate and risks, and we know the insulation needs of the community we serve. Our crawl space experts follow the best practices and industry services when providing crawl space services and always do a great job. Your comfort and safety as a homeowner is our #1 priority. When you hire for crawl space insulation, you’re assured of the following:

  1. Solid and professional advice
  2. Quick turnaround
  3. Insulation blown properly
  4. No mess left behind
  5. Friendly and polite service
  6. Free estimate
  7. Insured technicians

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If you have an uncomfortable home, cold floors, or persistent moisture problems in your crawl space, contact the crawl space repair experts at Efficiency Plus for a complete solution. Our innovative crawl space insulation service, together with our GA crawl space encapsulation, will ensure that you have a more comfortable, energy-efficient home that’s also free from pests and termites that can destroy wooden furniture and carpeting. With us, you can take your crawl space from something unmanageable to a beautifully-controlled and valuable space that keeps your home free of mold and crawling pests. We can tell you what type of insulation works best for your case then perform a flawless installation. Call 229-403-9486 to schedule a free inspection with our Thomasville insulation contractors today.

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